It’s always a wonder how chefs pair foods to achieve a great tasting meal. What’s even amazing is how a simple combination of two food elements can give you the satisfaction that you deserve sufficing both your hunger and craving for a delicious meal. However, not all delicious food pairings are advisable to eat because of the negative effects that they can bring to your body. Getting a healthy nutrition from the foods you eat is very important. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to know the top 5 most effective food pairs that you should eat.

The reason why there are food nutritionists is for them to provide healthy and well-balanced meal to people so that proper nutrition will be achieved by everyone. But through this article, you can no longer need to ask a nutritionist to make you food pairs that will give you meals packed of vitamins and nutrients.

Add Some Fats to Bright Colored Vegetables

Bright colored vegetables are found out to contain compounds called carotenoids. Carotenoids are compounds responsible for giving the striking hues of vegetables like spinach, carrots squash, etc. Beta-carotene, lycopein and lutein are other compounds that also come with the vegetables’ pigmentation. Carotenoids serve as the body’s antioxidants, meaning, they are the compounds accountable for eliminating body wastes and unwanted toxins in our bodies. Researchers found out that when you eat carotenoids-rich vegetables with a little amount of fat, your body reacts positively thus allowing you to take more carotenoids from the vegetables that you eat.

Mix Your Plant Foods

Plant foods refer to fruits, vegetables and beans which are all good sources of antioxidants. It may sound ridiculous but it is actually true that eating a mix of plant foods rather than eating them individually will yield better results. This is because the combination of plant foods increases the anti-oxidant effects of each kind thus giving your body a higher level of capability to release toxins and unwanted elements.

Eat Your Fish with Green-Leafy Vegetables

Vitamin D is necessary for your body to absorb more calcium. Everybody knows that calcium is the compound responsible for keeping every person’s bones and teeth healthy and strong. And this calcium is not only found in milk but also present in green leafy vegetables. In order for your body to absorb more calcium from these green-leafy vegetables, you will need a vitamin D-rich food to compliment with them which is actually in the form of fatty fish. When you pair fatty fish like salmon to a bed of green-leafy vegetables, you are ensured to take great amounts of vitamin D and calcium for your body.

Combine Vitamin C and Iron-rich Foods Together

Non-Heme iron is the form of iron found in vegetables and beans. By combining vitamin C rich foods with vegetables and beans, you allow your body to take more of this non-heme iron into your body thus keeping a better blood circulation in your system.

Drink Your Green Tea with Lemon

The addition of lemon into your green tea will not only enhance its taste but also achieve absorption of phytonutrients called catechins. Catechins act both as antioxidant and tissue repair for your body.